Rip n Dip clothing from 2009 // by Ryan O’Connor


Rip n Dip is a streetwear brand founded in 2009 by skater Ryan O’Connor. The brand’s history is the incarnation of the classic American motto “Started From the Bottom”: after moving to Los Angeles, O’Connor decides to print somet-shirts to be given to skater friends, who wear them during a session on the street and on video ; In short, low-profile, demented and ironic graphics combined with the crew’s style start to generate interest around the brand even outside the skate scene, and so O’Connor decides to name his t-shirt line and start To produce them also for the general pub

lic. Quite the crazy imaginary of aliens and kittens developed on T-shirts and Ripn Dip sweatshirts becomes a small phenomenon in California and thanks to continued exposure in skate videos and on listed industry magazines like Thrasher, the brand is Makes you know a little around the world. T-shirts and sweatshirts will soon include boards, caps, printed stockings and accessories, and within a couple of seasons are also the first collaborations with artists, skaters and streetwear brands. Kitten-sized mid-finger graphics soon become one of the most recurring subjects between selfie and photos on Instagram and social networks, and the kitten, or rather Lord Nermal, is one of the most popular characters of recent years in streetwear.











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