GINNIKA 2017 // ROME Sneakers and Urban Culture Expo

From the 10th to the 11th of June 2017, the 2017 edition of Ginnika, the Italian event dedicated to the world of sneakers and urban culture will take place in the magical Roman frame. So we Outpump at this event decided to ask a question to Andrea Sibaldi, one of the organizers.

How and how have you improved over the years?

At the end of the event we always make a point of the situation that helps us to highlight the positive results and the aspects on which we have to work better. Some things can be said to have worked well since the first edition and so let’s start by knowing that they do not need a lot of attention. This does not mean, however, that they are neglected, simply not worrying about so many other things that every year require constant efforts.

Over the years we have tried various formulas but above all we have tried to create a great staff that is the key element to produce a great event. Among the boys are Pasquale and Vincenzo, Scarful, Michela Picchi, Paola Pompili, Andrea Lai, Stefano Mirra. Then my two members Alex Marino and Claudio Bruni with whom I am happy to have shared the project originally created by me in 2013 and no doubt are the only two people I could trust today. Thus, as the staff has improved, the event has also improved in its entirety.

What should we expect from the 2016 edition?

In the schedule we have put football in the sport: there will be an inaugural evening on June 9 with James Lavelle in console.
We introduced conferences with the guests of the event to try to divulge as much as possible the spirit and knowledge of a movement born many years ago. The market, then, will undoubtedly be the most experienced area. Finally there is the Expo, this year begins a journey that will last another two seasons with an unexpected partner as crucial for this 2017 project: Nomuri. We were fascinated by the charismatic figure and profound knowledge of the product of the shop keeper Luigi Grottini, as well as his desire to collaborate with us in a project that brought him boyfriend. Energy for sale and a historic memory among the most important of Italy.

What will make the sneaker expo such a fascinating space?

The Expo of this season is the beginning of a journey. For the first time we give a chronological line to the exhibition, which in the past editions did not exist. We focused on thematic areas and quantity because the intent was to surprise the audience with hundreds of shoes, almost to project them into an unknown universe. I still remember the sneakers wall installed at the Prenestina ramp two editions do, 1300 pairs around. Last year, however, we reduced the quantity to 600 pairs of dividends for 8 thematic areas.

Today, let us take a step further and focus on the first step of a journey that I will not say to not ruin the surprise. To make the public aware we believe it’s the best thing to do.

Streetwear and hip-hop have always been strongly and indissolubly tied. How strongly did you want two personalities like Tedua and Sfera?

Music and streetwear are the same as a medal, they play together with a fundamental role.
James Lavelle was a great international name to bring in the schedule and was against us all in January. So why not give the young Italian rappers who are doing a great job in the music scene? It was not easy but we succeeded, so I want to thank the agency Thaurus and in particular Ciro Buccolieri who immediately believed in the project.

How was the relationship with Stash born?

The right answer would be that if you love the street, streetwear or urban movement you want, you may not know the pioneers. Futura, Delta, Lavelle, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Nigo, Mr Cartoon, SBTG, Estevan Oriol, Errolson Hugh, Shawn Stussy, James Jebbia, Maharishi and without any doubt Stash who was immediately interested in the first exchange of mail to participate At Ginnika 2017. The emotion we feel in receiving positive feedback from such an artist is perhaps the greatest satisfaction in our work.

Saturday dedicated to international guests and Sunday to those at home. How will the meetings be structured?

Saturday with Stash, Lavelle and Simon Bowden of Crep Protect we will talk about the past, present and future of the street movement in the world with particular attention to England and USA.
On Sunday, however, we will address the most important Italian historical memories: Giancarlo Sisti, Luigi Grottini (Nomuri) and Simone Ballante (Be Cool), the history of sneakers with a special eye on how this mania for sneakers developed in Italy. Something interactive and instructive for everyone.


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